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Hard to sum up into one page, but here you will find a gallery selection of photographs from five countries in Europe including, France, Belgum, The Netherlands, Bosnia and Croatia.


Eiffel Tower At Dusk, Paris, E1

Arc du Triumph 1, Paris,  E2

Arc du Tirumph 2, Paris, E3

The Louvre, Paris, E4

Notre Dame, Paris, E5

Luxemburg Gardens 1, Paris, E6

Luxemburg Gardern 2, Paris, E7

The Seine, and Eiffel Tower, Paris E8


Brugge Square 1, E9

Brugge Square 2, E10

Roof top, Belgum, E11

Canal 1, Belgum, E12

Canal 2, Belgum, E13

Shadow Over Canal, Belgum, E14

Reflection, Belgum, E15

Tall Church Tower, belgum, E16


Vondel Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands, E17

Vondel Park Sign, Amsterdam, Netherlands, E18

Amsterdam Rooftop Sunset, Netherlands, E19 

Lone Windmill, Netherlands, E20

Church On A River, Netherlands, E21

Windmills In Field, Netherlands, E22

Windmill Close Up, Netherlands, E23

Downtown Amsterdam, Netherlands, E24


Rooftop Tiles, Dubrovnik, Croatia, E25

Fort Walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia, E26

Dubrovnik Rooftops, Croatia E27

Old & New, Dubrovnik, Croatia, E28

Sidewalk Cafes At Night, Dubrovnik, Croatia, E29

Harbor House, New Dubrovnik Harbor, Croatia, E30

Off Bow, New Dubrovnik Harbor, Croatia, E31

Supetar Brac, Croatia, E32

Brac Seascape, Croatia, E33

Local Fruit, Brac, Croatia, E34

Croatian Sunset, Brac, Croatia, E35

Supetar at Sunset, Brac, Croatia E36

Brac Shorline, Croatia, E37

Colors Of The Adriatic Sea, Brac, Croatia, E38


Mostar Street, Bosnia, E39

Downtown Mostar Distruction, Bosnia, E40

Downtown Mostar Street, Bosnia E41

Muslum Sector, Mostar, Bosnia, E42

Mostar Architecture, Bosnia E43

Mostar bridge, Bosnia, E44

Modern Buildings Below Ruins, Mostar, Bosnia E45

Ruins, Mostar, Bosnia, E46

Mostar Bridge At Dusk, Bosnia, E47

Saravejo Neighborhood, Bosnia, E48

Church In Downtown Sarajevo, Bosnia, E49

Downtown Sarajevo, Bosnia, E50

Sidewalk Cafe, Downtown Sarajevo, Bosnia, E51

National & University Library, Sarajevo, Bosnia, E52

Sarajevo Skyline, Bosnia, E53

Downtown Sarajevo Looking Into Hills, Bosnia, E54

Typical Distruction From War, Sarajevo, Bosnia, E55

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